When: 17 July - 20 July 2018
Where: Riga, Latvia
Language: English
Duration: 4 days
Credits: 3 ECTS
Fee: 50 EUR

The very first Baltic Summer School of Digital Humanities (BSSDH 2018) offers an introductory crash-course to the text mining methods, use of digital tools and resources in humanities and social sciences. The programme is co-taught by an international team of researchers and practitioners of digital humanities and social sciences and is delivered in a form of lectures and practical workshops covering:
- corpus analysis
- computational stylistics
- data journalism
- GIS in the Humanities
- data visualization.


The Baltic Summer School of Digital Humanities is aimed at students and researchers of humanities and social sciences, library and archives professionals. There are no prerequisites for participation, as the course does not require any background in DH computing. The working language of the summer school is English.

After successful completion of the summer course, students will be awarded 3 ECTS by the University of Latvia.


Registration fee for all participants is 50 EUR. It should be paid during the registration from May 2 to June 30 (see How to apply). Registration fee includes access to all workshops, lectures, receptions, plus refreshments according to the programme. Participants will need to cover their own lunch and accommodation expenses.


BSSDH 2018 is organized by joint effort of the  National Library of Latvia Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art  (University of Latvia),  Faculty of Social Sciences  and Faculty of Humanities of the University of Latvia. 


Coordinator Anda Baklāne
[email protected]
+371 29 143 299


Netherlands embassy in Riga

State Culture Capital Foundation 

Company Datorzinibu Centrs