Funded by

NordPlus, project No. NPHZ-2019/10075

Implementation period



  • National Library of Latvia (coordinator Anda Baklāne, dh@lnb.lv)
  • Humlab, Umeå University (Stefan Gelfgren)
  • Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art, University of Latvia (Sanita Reinsone, Jānis Daugavietis)
  • National Library of Estonia (Jane Makke)
  • National Library of Lithuania (Giedrė Čistovienė)


The initiative seeks to foster the dissemination of digital competences in the ALM (archive, library, museum) and research communities and strengthen networks among ALM, education, and research sectors in order to improve practices of working with digital content and data analysis tools. Over past decades libraries have accumulated large collections of digital resources, however, their potential for research and education is not fully deployed. Libraries lack necessary infrastructures, skills, and knowledge that would enable them to provide digital research services while researchers do not have access to library collections to use their digital tools for metadata mining, text analysis, application of GIS, and data visualization. This project targets collaboration and knowledge transfer between library professionals, academic researchers and IT specialists in the form of a "library lab" or competence centre that helps to develop new services for education and research. 

The project comprises of series of intensive workshops and summer schools rotating among participant countries - Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. The skills and services developed as a result of workshops will be piloted in research projects that will be based on the collections of national libraries of Baltic states. As a result of the project, new online teaching and learning materials for the in-depth digital exploration of digital heritage content will be developed in the national libraries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania and disseminated to the target audiences.


  • Baltic Summer School of Digital Humanities. Riga, 23-26 July 2019
  • Meeting in Riga. July 22, 2019
  • Meeting in Riga and call. June 27, 2019
  • Creating corpora and text mining in the digital libraries. Workshop. Riga, March 16, 2020
  • Online meeting May 8, 2020
  • Online meeting. June 12, 2020